Sunday, December 30, 2012

{twenty-twelve} Looking Back

Time to turn the page to a brand new year.
But, first, a look back.

2012 was filled with 
and heartache,
and lows,
tears of laughter 
and of sadness,
new beginnings 
and chapters closed,
exciting growth 
and bittersweet "last times".

It was a very full year.
We're learning to look for the gifts and give thanks (in all things) for the beauty.
What I hope we remember when we look back is the JOY.

Here's a recap of 
where we've been
{as we look forward to where we're going next}

We ring in 2012, family-style.
Once again, we head for the sunny skies of the Bahamas.
I choose one word for the new year: F-O-C-U-S.
The girls and I rush (and slide) through a wintry sort of race.

We fill each other's love tanks with the sweetest sort of mail.
We go indoor rock climbing (& date night is never the same).
We work through Lent and end up 40 bags (at least!) lighter.
It's a Leap Year!

We attempt a cleanse.
I run The Jig (alone, sadly) and come home with a PR.
We enjoy an unseasonably warm spring.
I spend the weekend away with my Bible and my yoga mat. (File this under: Who knew?)

I try to find time.
It's baseball season (again)!
Dylan is featured in his first art show.
Our family walks for water.

Our boys fall in love with biking.
I run like I have never run before.
We celebrate eleven.
The girls enjoy a weekend away in the Windy City.
Ella loses her first tooth and learns to ride a bike.

We celebrate the beginning of summertime.
We help staff a lemonade stand.
We celebrate Daddy (and he goes GF).
The world is a safer place after the big kids attend safety camp.

We enjoy everything Pure Michigan has to offer.
I decide it's time to start saying no.
We try to beat the heat.
We throw an Olympics party.
Our journey with orthodontics begins.

We rough it in the North Woods for a long weekend.
D & E's first concert: Needtobreathe.
Happy birthday to me. {Farewell & Hello}
Cottage Week. Oh, man.
We visit Denver and our hearts are never the same again.

We finally stop putting off Procrastination Day.
Mady moves into a big girl bed.
Two firsts: making sushi and playing artist. (I'm not quitting my day job for either.)

Our community begins again.
Book club wraps up.
We celebrate my birthday. (Two months later.)
We head south to the place where dreams really do come true.
We hit the 'hood disguised as a biker man, bride, and Tinkerbell.

Our basement remodel begins.
 We muscle through Birthday Week 2012Three, Six & Eight.
We relax up north in a cozy cabin + zip down water slides.
The first flu of the season hits hard.

Advent arrives. And we wait expectantly.
The boys cruise through their first cyclocross races.
We limp over the Workout Challenge: Year 2 marker.
Mady LOVES her first go at "music class".

{...and if you wanna go way back, you can go here: 2011 & 2010}


  1. I've been following your blog since you commented on mine as I began the 40 bags in 40 days challenge. I'm so glad you did and I was able to come and check out your blog. I love how your blog savours the moments -big and small- and I love how you summed them all up in this post. Cheers to 2013 and the memories yet to be made.


    What a year you have lived! One for the record books! Thankful for all of you this past year.

    Here's to a New Year filled with growth, anticipation and lots more living!

  3. New Follower!! Found you though the link up! Love your Year in Review!!Hope to get to know you better! Love your blog... and if you have time check me out at Happy New Year! K Jaggers

  4. Hi great post. I found you through the blog hop. Please stop by and say hi when you get a chance. Have a great week.


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