Sunday, June 10, 2012

School's Out for SUMMER!

1st grade & Pre-K are in the books!

Dylan & Mady on Dylan's last day of 1st grade.
In the spirit of celebrating accomplishments, both big and small, 
we spent some time celebrating the end of the school year 
and the beginning of SUMMER this past weekend.

Our school-aged fish.
Friday morning, I put together some goodie bags for some of D & E's friends. 
My goal was to find some cute, useful and fun items for the kids to enjoy.
Bonus goal: not to pick items that mothers around the world secretly despise, i.e. bouncy balls, plastic frogs, 10 pound packs of candy.

I hit my favorite spot - Target! - for some one-stop shopping.
I settled on mini notebooks {for journaling, picture drawing, and adventure recording}, mini markers, water guns, bubbles, and summer-themed fruit snacks.

I packaged them up in clear favor bags and printed off these colorful {free} summertime celebration printables from Amanda's Parties To Go.

I think the kids loved them and I was able to do it all on a budget - 
each bag was roughly $2 out the door. Here's the finished product:

Ta-Da! Summertime goodies!
I'm a big believer in the little doesn't take much to make someone feel special or celebrated - a few kind words or a short note or a small gift.
I've heard it said, "God is in the details."
Here's hoping a little bit of God {love} is in the goodie bags too!

Great job, kiddos, on a job well done!

...and the baby. Current plan: keep her little and not send her to school EVER.
Happy Summer!


  1. Very cute idea! I'm sure the other Mom's liked getting these. How nice of you to think of not giving out more of the cheap stuff we all Good luck with the plan to keep your youngest little...if you figure out how, let me know. Mine have already grown more than I prefer...hehe! Have a great day!

  2. My celebration was a little different- I gave my child to her dad for the weekend and spent Friday evening with my teacher friends. It was a very celebratory atmosphere to say the least. Then I cracked the books to catch up on all the homework I've been getting behind on for a college class! But there is much fun to come. It's summer!

  3. Your gift bags are SO cute! I love that you used items that the kids would actually be able to use and that they mother's wouldn't despise. What's up with the plastic frogs and the tiny toys that my little one is just going to choke on???? Anyway-good job, Mama!

  4. SOO cute! And I love the last sentence about keeping her little. Recently I told Matthew, "I told you when you were three not to grow anymore and you did. Now you're 4! Don't get any older, okay?" He smiled and said, "I have to. God makes me!" How can you argue with that? :)


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