Monday, June 4, 2012

summertime to-do's {2012}

summer print courtesy of The Rubber Punkin
If there's a list to be made, I'm gonna* make it. 

I tried to resist, but it's impossible to ignore: it's time, once again, for another edition of summertime to-do's.

School's out this week and here's what's on the docket, both for me and for the little me's:

  • {Office Hours} Once upon a time I decided on something called "office hours" (I'm a work-at-home-mama), which are basically certain hours of the day I was on-line: early morning, mid-afternoon (during nap time/quiet time), and evenings after the kids were tucked into bed. The rest of the day I steered clear of the c-o-m-p-u-t-e-r. Somewhere along the line, I fell off the wagon. Time to climb back on board!

  • {HelloMornings} I'm fully committed to this idea of waking up before the fam does. We are three weeks into the HelloMornings Challenge, and I'm finding I actually enjoy this quiet (i.e. ridiculously early) start to my day. Continuing this practice throughout the summer will help me find the sanity I need as my school-aged kids are home full-time again.

  • {Cleaning Reboot} Last spring, I completed the 31 Days to Clean Challenge, and I loved, loved, loved it. Now Sarah Mae is offering a 31 Days to Clean Reboot as she prepares to have her book published (it was originally an e-book). The reboot starts today, Monday, June 4!

  • {Finding Balance} We have a few activities on the calendar for the big kids including VBS, a safety camp (held at a local fire, huh?), swim lessons, and a family vacation. These activities are thoughtfully spaced out throughout the summer and most are only an hour or two a day. I'm looking forward to the diversion they will provide for D & E, but I'm also looking forward to all of the blank calendar spaces too.

  • {Eating Well} On the subject of eating well, my basic summer goal is to frequent the farmer's market with the kids, at least once a week. I'm a believer in baby steps, and I think this qualifies. We tried a CSA last summer and it was a little overwhelming for us (eat kale, much?)

  • {Teaching Responsibility} One of my big goals for the kids while I have them at home this summer is to transfer more responsibility over to them, especially on the topic of helping out around the house. I tend to be the mom who picks up the shoes, puts away the clean underwear, and wipes down the toothpaste-filled sink because it just seems easier that way. Watch out kids, the free rides over!

  • {The B-I-B-L-E} In further proof that I really am becoming my mother, I'm going to put together a little memory verse program for the kids. I'm picking 12 of my favorite verses (centered around the themes of praise, promises & character) and I'll post them for a week at a time and we'll practice them together. Fun fact: back in the day, when I was eight, the prize was a giant Hershey bar. Even funner* fact: next week I'll be sharing the verses I'm using with {FREE} printables for you!

So that's the structured stuff, but no need to worry, we will spend plenty of time running through the sprinklers, eating freezy pops, and meeting up with friends at the park. I'm a big believer in the kids-should-play-outside movement (otherwise known as our own childhoods). On the rainy days, we'll read books, lounge around in our PJ's, and work through my summer vay-cay pinboard

And I'm not gonna* lie, we'll watch PBS too.

*Yes, I'm aware, these aren't real words. Sue me for exercising my creative license.

P.S. If you haven't linked up your favorite May {living the width} post yet, you can still do that here. Also, I'm excited to post my very first GIVEAWAY this week on The Terpblog! Look for it later this week!

Watcha* up to this summer? 


  1. I already made my list but I may have to add some of yours to it. And I will need to stalk that board you have on pinterest!!

  2. Great list! I need to practice a few of these as well, especially the walking away from the computer and the getting up early parts. Don't like either one, but the kids are only young for a short must work on it anyway. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Looks like you've got a lot of good stuff planned! My kiddos are still pretty little, but we have lots of plans for mornings in the sprinklers and evening neighborhood walks! I love summer - at least before it gets too miserably hot! :)

  4. YES! Computer time is hard to keep in check but, it's so important! Happy Summer!

  5. I love your list! I especially love the idea of steering away from the c-o-m-p-u-t-e-r... I need to put that on my list of to-do's, too! I also love the item about teaching responsibility. I tend to get irritated at the amount of time and patience it takes to get others to pick up their own shoes, so I just do it myself. Not the best recipe for long-term enjoyment, that's for sure!

  6. Very nice...I may just have to piggie back on some of these. Keep us in the loop...I'd love to hear more about safety camp. On the B-I-B-L-E front we're going to focus on the "Fruits of the Spirit" this summer. Week one is all planned out...getting the kids to under who the Holy Spirit is.

  7. Your plan looks great, Katie!
    As (rather unstructured...ahem) homeschoolers, the start of our summer isn't looking that much different than it has since those really warm days in March and April. We had our school work mostly finished up by then. So, it's now "officially" summer and I'm thinking that we're going to need to come up with some sort of a plan (a loose plan for this spontaneous momma) because all this free time and "what are we doing today??" is making me a tad bit crazy. I'm going to order their next year's curriculum and start a bit here and there when we all need some "structure". :)

  8. New follower. Cute blog ;) Love your motto. Found you covered in grace hop.. Love for you to follow back. I am hosting a moms monday mingle now. Love for you to link up!


  9. Good list! I'm checking out that challenge link right now! Enjoy your summer. Found you via the party.

  10. Like your list. Thanks for stopping by my blog and I linked up my list and edited my post to include your link up.

  11. Hey there! Love your blog! I found you via the MMM blog hop and just added myself to your followers! Also I wanted to invite you to come enter a fabulous Steve Madden giveaway I'm having right now!!
    Hope to see you there! And thanks so much lady!

  12. Hi Katie, I found your blog via Helen's link up. I'm in Australia, it's Winter, so these summer posts are just what I need. I'm all with you about office hours. I work from home as well, no kids and it's so easy just to sit at the computer all the time. Not really switching off from work. I love your goals. I've been working on a different goal every month and I've noticed it's been so much easier to create habits that way :) Happy Summer! xoxox

    1. Thanks for the sweet comment, Vanisha! Happy winter to you!

  13. I LOVE this list...I think I am going to have to borrow your list for my home! I haven't started the summer off right and it shows. I need some structure with my kids and I think that this will be fun! Thanks for sharing!

  14. I definitely need to jump on the office hours bandwagon. And perhaps the early morning one too. Ha!

    You have a beautiful blog!
    Thanks for linking up!

  15. I love waking up earlier for myself!

    Great blog. First time here!

  16. You have a great list there and I love that you mention freedom and flexibility- that's what summer is all about! Stopping by from the other hop, but added to this one. Thank you so much for hosting!
    I also like your "office hours" approach. I have to work that concentrated time in so I can enjoy the rest of the day with the kiddos. Happy Summer (soon!)


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