Saturday, February 21, 2009

Love her.

I was trying to take pictures of the kids this morning because Matt's mom is putting together a little book for Matt's grandparents who just celebrated 50 years of marriage. This was Ella's photo - first take and everything. I just had to laugh because it captures her little self so well. Matt and I look at each other multiple times through out the day and just say, "Where did she come from?!" I honestly think I could have pictured Dylan before we had him, but Ella just came out of nowhere and completely blindsided us. Love this little girl...she's just crazy :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Currently Watching: Just about everything...

It is the dead of winter and I have been watching an astounding amount of television. I actually have a show (or two) for every night of the week. [I am only admitting this in case it helps any of you come clean with your own TV watching "problem".]

Monday - The Bachelor and Jon & Kate Plus Eight.
Tuesday - American Idol and Scrubs.
Wednesday - American Idol and Lost.
Thursday - The Office and Grey's Anatomy.
Friday - Friday Night Lights.

The Bachelor and Grey's Anatomy are guilty pleasures. Lost is blowing my mind right now. This show is unlike anything that has ever been on television before. [To the other Losties out there check out this and this.] Jon & Kate Plus Eight is like watching a bus crash. It's actually getting pretty painful because Kate seems to be getting meaner and greedier and the product placement spots are getting a little obnoxious. Scrubs and The Office are always good for a few laughs. Friday Night Lights I just love and it's become our date night for Matt and me. We don't get out a terribly lot. American Idol is heating up. That's another one Matt and I watch together. I think I wouldn't be so into it though if it weren't for DVR. I just don't have enough time to watch all three hours every week (very busy with my other TV watching), but it helps that I can zip through the truly bad people and all the recapping they do. Really like that Danny guy.

Anyone else out there with extreme TV watching habits? I promise to pick myself up off the sofa this spring when there is actually something to do outside of my living room.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Bye Bye, SRX

We sold the SRX this weekend. I figured I would blog about it since people always tell me that they never know what I'm driving since it changes so often. It's kind of like how builders are always building new goes the life of a car salesman with cars. Whatever we get will be #10 in a long line of Terpstra vehicles. When we bought the SRX back in May, we knew were were getting a really good deal so we figured if we had the chance to sell it in the future for more than we originally paid, we should do it. We posted it on Craiglist and the new owners will have it by the end of the day (don't worry they still got a really good deal!). Now Matt gets to get busy and find us something new. Not sure we're ready for the minivan plunge, but we won't rule it out. Basically he's looking for another good deal, and we'll probably be selling again in another 6-8 months :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

This morning I was contemplating how I wished I was the mom that made their kids heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast or heart-shaped cupcakes or really heart shaped anything when I began to realize that maybe I am just not that mom. And then at lunchtime I realized I could make them heart-shaped grilled cheese sandwiches. Hurray.
I do love holidays and traditions, but it is sometimes overwhelming to me when I realize I'm in charge of all that...I much prefer to be a part of something that someone else does for me :) I remember getting Valentine's Day cards and small gifts from my parents as a kid that just magically appeared on the kitchen table and I loved that. I did pick up a few small things for Matt and the kids - books and small treats - so I need to pull that together during naptime and before Matt gets home from work. What about you have any special V-Day traditions?

Now I'm off to contemplate how I wish I was the wife that cooked a special romantic Valentine's Day dinner for her husband...unfortunately I don't think I'm that wife either. (But I am good at ordering take-out!)

Friday, February 6, 2009

winter = boring

So I've pretty much decided that winter is boring. It's never been my favorite season, but this year and last year have both seemed so long and relentless...there's just not that much to do with my little kiddos when were stuck inside day after day. We really do get out fairly often, but the hours at home still seem long. Oh well - I'm sure all of you moms out there know what I'm talking about and (someday) spring will come again (right??).

Today Matt had the day off and we went downtown to the Children's Museum. Two reasons why I love this place:

1) We were there for two hours and didn't have to tell our kids no once - so relaxing for both us and them when they are in an environment where they can just be kids. Brilliant.
2) No clean up! They played playdoh, grocery store, bubbles, trains, dentist, sandbox and bank and we didn't have to pick up :)

There's my plug for the Children's Museum. [We bought a membership last year for $60 - a good deal considering admission just went up to $6.50, meaning one trip would cost our family$26. A good investment if you think you'll make it there a couple times within a year]

Not much else to report since we've been up to a big bunch of nothing. I'll leave you with a couple of pictures.

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