Sunday, July 1, 2007

House Update

After a busy week with three showings, last week was a slow house week. One funny thing that happened though is that we found out that one of the couples who went through our house are customers of Matt's. We had heard through the realtors that they recognized Matt's picture, but we didn't know who they were. They ended up coming in last week and buying a car and told him they went through our house. They were the couple who had it narrowed down to our house and another one. Unfortunately for us, they ended up buying the other house (newer and slightly more expensive), but they had really nice things to say about our house which was encouraging. They told Matt they had been through a lot of houses in our price range, and ours was definitely one of the nicest. The upside of this couple not buying our house is that they would have needed to be in by July 22 which would have left us "homeless" for a couple of months. Pictures of our house are on-line now, so hopefully that brings some more traffic. We are still trusting God and staying pretty stress-free :)

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