Thursday, December 13, 2012

Treasures in the Tinsel.

Our Advent trees are starting to fill up!
We're at the halfway point of Advent -- and our first Truth in the Tinsel experience. I'm happy (and pleasantly surprised!) to report that it's going well. I'm an organized, rule-following sort of girl so while I knew we'd start strong, I wondered if after a few days it would all fall apart (as even the most well-intentioned endeavors sometimes do).

The secret here has nothing to do with any super mom powers on my part, but everything to do with the fact the kids LOVE it. They fight (sibling occupational hazard) over who gets to open the door on the Advent calendar each morning for the "clue" and then ask (most days) when it's time to do the reading + craft as soon as they get off the bus from school.

Day 1 - Light // Day 2 - Kingdom // Day 3 - Zechariah // Day 4 - Gabriel
I admit the daily crafting with kids thing can look a little intimidating on the surface - a recipe for chaos, messes, another daily "to do", and more work for mom. And while there is a little planning - and glitter! argh! - involved, 1) it's totally worth it, and 2) it's not really about the crafting at all. 

There's something bigger going on here.

Day 5 - Joseph // Day 6 - Elizabeth & Mary // Day 7 - Song // Day 8 - Sun
The beauty of experiencing Advent via Truth in the Tinsel is in the simplicity, the repetition, the togetherness, and The Story. (And, of course, in the fact that another brilliant mom did all the planning for you.) While their little hands are busy crafting, their hearts and minds seem to be engaged.

This is the first year we've really intentionally worked through the story with the kids and I love taking our time to do it, over the course of 24 days... slowly... piece by piece. Characters are introduced, themes are brought to light, the story builds. The big kids remember what it was like to wait for Mady to be born and we talk about that a lot - the way we prepared for and anticipated our baby's arrival. In the same way, celebrating Advent each year helps us to focus, to anticipate, to hope, as we tell the story of baby Jesus.

Day 9 - Joseph // Day 10 - Dream // Day 11 - Jesus' Name // Day 12 - Census
It's been amazing to see the big kids engaged, reading the story themselves, asking questions {immaculate conception?? anyone? anyone??}, exploring what's next, and deciding in their 6 & 8 year old hearts what the story of Jesus means for them, right here, right now.

And it warms my heart to watch as our little one wanders around, wreaks havoc at the craft table, and rearranges our Little People Nativity.

Sure, sometimes it's messy. Sometimes we wind up frustrated. Sometimes it seems like a bit of extra work. And it's most definitely not always picture perfect.

But three kids, all different ages, all preparing for Christmas in their own way? This mama will take it.

Come Lord Jesus, come.

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  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing this. We've just been doing the coloring thing and Jadyn really loves it as well :)


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