Monday, August 31, 2009

Who will #3 look like??


This past weekend, Matt and I were able to get away for a night and spend some time in Chicago. This is probably our last little trip before Baby #3 shows up. We had a good time shopping and eating. We also saw Jersey Boys (loved it) and took a double decker bus tour around the city. The funny thing is that as nice as it was to get away, we were really happy to see our crazy little kids when we got home. I'm 29 weeks tomorrow - only 11 more weeks as a family of four!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


  • Our friends the Oosting's are becoming our neighbors this weekend! Move in is scheduled for the next couple of days - we are excited that they made it through the building process and we can't wait for the next chapter in our friendship that is ahead.
  • I am at 27 weeks this week so I'm pretty sure that means I'm starting my third trimester (or getting pretty darn close). Still feeling good but I also think I will be glad not to be preggo anymore. I've done some pre-nesting, cleaning out closets and such, but I need to get serious about getting Ella's big girl room and the baby's nursery put together.
  • Dylan starts school in three weeks. We have decided to put him the Four Year Old & Beyond class at Mapletree preschool rather than the Pre-K program at Bauer. The Mapletree program is a half-day program (four mornings a week) and we think it's a better fit for him than the all-day, every other day program at Bauer. More driving and picking up for me but I think it's worth it to have him in the place that's best for him (less stress with the poop issues too - he's getting there but not all the way there yet).

The BIG 3-0

I have officially been 30 for about 37 hours now and so far, so good. I figure I can put off actually processing the fact that I'm in my 30's for a few more months. We celebrated with my family on Friday night with a boat cruise on Lake Macatawa (you can see Kyle's pictures here) and last night my friend Katie arranged a special treat of going out to dinner with the girls. Matt and the kids presented me with their gifts on Monday morning (my actual b-day). One of my favorite gifts is below - Matt bought me this chair and I'm figuring I can sit it in outside while I "watch" the kids play...thinking I could throw on some sunglasses and maybe take a little snooze before anyone catches on? What do you think?

Monday, August 17, 2009


Family picture, Take One (how we really look most of the time):Family picture, Take Two (less accurate, but the one we will put in a frame):


The annual cousin picture at the condo:And a trip down memory lane:

little mama

Ella brought me the basket liner to our big toy basket last week and told me she needed helping "doing dis" with her baby doll. I figured out she wanted me to help her make a baby sling for her doll (something she has seen my friend Katie do often...with an actual baby sling, not a basket liner :) ). She loves babies and I can't even imagine how excited she will be when "her" baby shows up in November.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Oval Beach

Today we took the kids to Oval Beach in Saugatuck to try to eek out some summer fun during this chilly and rainy summer. We had heard that this beach was supposed to be one of the best beaches in Michigan (and in the country) so we figured we should try it out since it's relatively close. We did manage a little sun and it is a nice little beach - not huge, but nice dunes and shallow water for the kids to play in.

We also stopped at this little point of interest on the side of the road - the sign said Mount Baldhead - and basically it was a gigantic flight of slightly rickety steps (292 if you're keeping track at home) up to the top of a giant sand dune. Just wanted to note that in case anyone is looking for a family friendly activity (especially for preggo ladies and small children with short legs - add it to your To Do list!)

Coast Guard '09

Last weekend we did our part and helped celebrate the Coast Guard Festival. Our friends Derk and Bethany have a tradition of opening up Bethany's parents' beautiful (and huge) home to friends that weekend every summer. We stayed Friday night along with D&B and two other families (8 kids between us all + Chad and K3...ha ha) and enjoyed a campfire that evening. Saturday morning we woke up to the smell of Derk flipping pancakes and then we went into Grand Haven to watch the Coast Guard parade - all fun until the rain started...and then it got really fun. Afterwards we took the kids back and the kiddos and the daddies swam in the downpour (no lightning...we checked) and we enjoyed dinner together before heading home. Thanks again D&B!
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