Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Procrastination Day

I first read about the idea of a Procrastination Day in an issue of Real Simple, several months back. I found the idea hilarious. And brilliant. And incredibly productive. I wanted to give it a try.

It took about a year and a half to get the idea off the ground (#ironic), but yesterday Theresa and I completed our first ever Procrastination Day.

Just to be clear - Procrastination Day is when you make a concentrated attempt to accomplish all of the things that have been nagging on you and weighing you down...all the petty tasks you've been avoiding and putting off.

(My mom thought it would be more fun if it was a day when you just put things off even further and had fun instead....which is also brilliant in it's own way.)

But Procrastination Day would be terrible if you didn't have a buddy, so definitely bring a buddy along. Never have our To Do lists felt more doable, our errands more energizing, nor our mundane tasks more magnificent.

Armed with our list, we started the morning with a coffee pep talk. We spent the next 5 1/2 hours trying to knock off as much on our list as we could (while also realizing it wasn't all going to happen today...and that's OK). 

T's biggest victory: getting her iCloud/iPhone debacle figured out. (Good news: her husband no longer receives all of the texts I send her. Bad news: my texts are usually quite hilarious so he's really missing out now.)

My biggest victory? TWO new pairs of jeans meaning I am set for a while. Hallelujah.

In the end, we won some, we lost some, but we made a valiant effort. Our To Do lists are a little better off than when we started the day, we enjoyed each other's company while daring to do the dreadful ...and we're already working on next month's list.


  1. I think Steve is truly disappointed! More evidence that a book may be a best seller down the road!

  2. This is an amazing idea! I think I could use a few of these days to get stuff done.

  3. love it - looks way more fun than it sounds :) May just have to grab a buddy and start my list. You guys are the best - and your posts always make me smile. :) (miss you both!)

  4. I want my phone to get your funny text messages! That would be the cream of my day. :D

  5. 1. I think I'm with your mom...using Procrastination day to put off the stuff you need to do by going out and having fun!

    2. I think it's awesome that one of the things on your list included shopping for jeans. I have a terrible time finding jeans and tend to put it off just because I don't feel like trying on 55 different pairs just to put them all back on the racks!

    3. If I did this exercise, the last item on each of my lists would be "have a stiff drink." The ones in your picture look super yummy!


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