Tuesday, September 4, 2012

And they're off!

First Day of School!
A couple of happy, school-aged, all-day, every-day kiddos!

Our morning went off with out a hitch! (Aside from opening Mady's door to find her covered in exploded Pull-Up goo...I totally affirm all of you cloth diapering mamas.)

Further proof that they really are growing up: no grumbles or complaining about my before school picture taking. Just a lot of sweet smiles...

 ...followed by a couple of goofball moments.

And now a new phase of life is upon us: loads of Mommy & Mady time!

P.S. Part of our morning success was due to this new printable - no nagging, just a couple of kids who kept checking into the kitchen to see what was next on the morning checklist {printable credit: Children Inspire Design}.

Change is always bittersweet, but today I'm celebrating new beginnings, fresh challenges, and growing, healthy kiddos!


  1. I celebrate that with you! You have done a great job preparing your amazing kiddos to leave the nest.

    Also, LOVE your MIL's flowers....beautiful!

  2. Like the morning checklist. Your kids look so cute for their first day! :)

  3. Horray for new beginnings...love the checklist, it such nessecity in our house. Can't believe the kiddos are growing up!

  4. Hope they had a great first day!!! Their pictures are so cute!

  5. I love the checklist. It's such a great idea!

  6. Congratulations on their first day!!!!!!!!!! And I love that checklist---just saved to use once we get in the preschool routine next week!


  7. Thanks for the kind comments! She also offers a blank checklist here if you prefer it that way instead: http://www.childreninspiredesign.com/content/make-your-morning-little-easier


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