Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Christmas Flu (bah humbug!)

There is a serious lack of Christmas photos on my camera this year. Things didn't go exactly as planned as the achy/fever flu wiped out Mommy and then Mady.

The big kids had a wonderful Christmas (we went old school this year...race track + art easel). Matt also came out a big winner with his shower radio courtesy of Ella and the Bauer Elementary Secret Santa Shop.

Mommy and Mady's Christmas looked a little more like this:

I stayed home with her last night, so we missed the party at Matt's parents' house. I've never had a sick kiddo on Christmas before, although I think every mom has a holiday flu tale to tell. I have reluctantly entered the ranks, and I hope this is my one and only story like this to my credit.

The upside? No letdown. Poor little pumpkin hasn't even opened her gifts yet.

Hope your Christmas was a little bit quite a bit merrier!


  1. Really disappointed there's no picture of a shirtless Matt listening to his new radio in the shower...

  2. We had it too! It's been really yucky! But the one of us that got to take Tamiflu is doing a lot better! If the rest of your family get sick, take them to the dr! It helps!

  3. That just stinks!!! Nobody should ever have to be sick on Christmas:(


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