Wednesday, May 26, 2010

sweet sisters

I didn't grow up with a sister so all this sister business is new to me. I have to say, it's pretty darn cute.

Ella "reading" to Mady.
Polka dot girls.


We can't seem to get enough of it around here!

Walk for Water {2010}

This is old news but here are a few pictures from the Walk for Water we did with our church in April. We walked to raise money to buy water filters for communities in Rwanda. Amazing opportunity to help others and a great way to expose kids to the problems of the world - Ella regularly prays for "the kids who don't have clean water". So blessed to be a part of our church community.


I'm realizing there has been a drought here as far as new blog posts go. Life has been busy! It has been a season of change for us. Matt changed jobs at the end of April after 9 years at Grand Buick Pontiac. It's hard to believe but he started there the month before we were married and has been there ever since. We are so grateful for those 9 years. Grand was a wonderful place to work - we are thankful for the way they did business and for their family-friendly attitude. We are also so thankful for all the customers Matt met along the way (1,200+!)

We are also blessed by this new opportunity - Matt is now selling cars with Fox Motors at their Hyundai/Kia location on 28th & East Paris. He has already met some wonderful people and we are so impressed with this organization and they way they do business. It was a stressful few weeks making the decision and transitioning to a new dealership, but we are a month into it and things are going well.

The loyalty of Matt's past customers has also been cool to see - it's sometimes easy to think selling cars is just selling cars but it's clear by Matt's customers' responses that it is so much more than that - he has formed real relationships with these people by getting to know them and treating them right. I am incredibly proud of my husband and the job that he does if you can't already tell :)
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