Friday, August 17, 2012

Hello, Year 33.

33 New-ish Things to Try in Year 33

1. Complete the Soul Detox study
2. Co-host a book club
3. Read Jen Hatmaker’s 7
4. Work through Sarah Mae’s new e-book
5. Complete a possession purge
6. TRY a sprint tri {carry over from Year 32}
7. Complete a trail run race
8. Swim a mile in the pool
9. Go mountain biking
10. Go snowshoeing
11. Participate in a road bike race
12. Read through a chapter book series with the kids
13. Complete Year 2 of our workout challenge (and keep going)
14. Commit to a monthly procrastination day
15. Throw a birthday (or half birthday) party for the kids
16. Create a chore system for our household
17. Start my 1,000 gifts list
18. Put together a RAOK day
19. Find a meaningful way to experience Lent this spring
20. Complete one month of an Instagram / a day challenge
21. Try astronaut ice cream
22. Make homemade ice cream
23. Make Kefir soda
24. Try a cooking class
25. Cook an entire turkey
26. Stock the freezer with grass fed beef
27. Complete a kitchen renovation
28. Take a pub cruiser for a spin
29. Go to the chiropractor and get my back adjusted
30. Take a painting class
31. Swim with dolphins with the kids
32. See the Rockies
33. Potty train Mady


  1. I LOVE this idea, Katie! I think I need to do this as well, as I find I'm spending way too much time in my chair on the computer, even after I finish my work! It's not a coincidence that I read your post the day after I discovered my daughter's BFF's blog ( full of random acts of kindness yesterday. Double inspiration! Thanks and blessings!

  2. Glory! Year 33 sounds amazing!

  3. New follower from the link up. Hows the year coming? I hope its awesome.
    Danielle @


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