Sunday, September 16, 2007

Work Weekend #2

Matt took Friday and Saturday off and worked about 25-30 hours at the new house this weekend. Things accomplished this weekend...

Finished changing interior door knobs to brushed nickel
Added deadbolts to exterior doors (thanks Gpa Austin)
Painted most of the ceilings (thanks Dad T.)
Painted most of the closets (thanks Pastor Harmon)
Painted Ella's room (Stem Green...very cute. I'll take a picture soon.)
Picked out blinds
Ordered carpet and lined up carpet guy
Lined up painters to do main floor - they start tomorrow
Ordered new light fixtures (happened to hit The Lighting Corner's 40% off everything sale which definitely helped)
Mowed both lawns (I actually mowed our current lawn and it's in our marraige vows that I would never do such a thing)
Moved some more kitchen and closet stuff

The moral of this story is that when you walk into a house and think "looks great, we won't have to change much," you are WRONG. I don't think it helps when the house is empty because you see every little thing that's not quite right. I know we'll be glad when it's all done and hopefully we'll have a relaxing fall/winter :)

1 comment:

  1. I'm getting scared... We take possession Wednesday and the the big move (with a U-Haul is Sunday). Lots of work to do... now I know exactly what you meant by the 'calm before the storm'.

    Sounds like you are getting a lot done each weekend though. Can't wait to see photos!


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