Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sketchy. (With a Capital S)

If you live around here, you might have seen in the paper or on the news, the story about the rundown apartment building in Wyoming and the deadbeat landlord. We are more aware of this story than we had hoped to be because the deadbeat landlord is actually (drumroll please) THE GUY WE JUST BOUGHT OUR HOUSE FROM.

Isn't that super? We first realized it when our new address was in the GR Press on Sunday, listed as the residence of the landlord (who of course they couldn't reach at the time). My mom actually called and brought it to our attention. So Matt called the Press on Monday and told them the guy didn't live there anymore and to please print a correction (we do NOT need disgruntled tenants showing up at our door). They were very nice about it and apologized but said it was unavoidable because all the records show the guy as still living there (he actually has a company that owns the property and that address is listed as ours...incidentally he never bothered to change that because we are getting all kinds of mail addressed to the company including bank statements, utility bills and ominious letters from the City of Wyoming.)

And it keeps getting better...yesterday I was at the house in the afternoon doing a couple of things and two of our ever-so-friendly neighbors came over to tell me that Channel 3 news was at the house about an hour earlier WITH a camera. They talked to one of the neighbors and she told them the people had moved out but that didn't stop them from shooting footage of our house. So then Matt started calling Channel 3 along with all the other news channels in the area. Channel 3 were complete slimeballs and refused to say they wouldn't air our house on the news, even after our realtor faxed over copies of everything saying we had bought the house. Channels 8 and 13 said they were aware of the story but weren't actively covering it. Fox 17 was on the way to our house when Matt called, but they apologized profously and turned around. Incidentally, Channel 3 did air the footage last night. On the 5:00 news they said it was this guy's residence and on the later news they said it was his former residence.

The couple we bought the house from also owns property and a house they just built on the Grand River, which is public record and could have been verified by Channel 3, but to them, apparantly the story was bigger than the truth. There are many morals to this story. One, these people are in WAY in over their heads. They are building what is probably a half a million dollar house on the Grand River and driving an over $60,000 vehicle, yet they can't keep up the apartment building (which just went into foreclosure). Two, Channel 3 is slimey! I am officially boycotting them for life (please do the same...they probably won't notice but it will make me feel better :))

The neighbors all assured us these people were great people and great neighbors, but it does leave you with a feeling of uneasiness. It is a great house and we're happy to be there, but we are going to do major praying over the house before we move in because you can never have too much Jesus :) It also compounded our already out of control stress levels and made me realize just how tired I am. Hopefully things start calming down soon before I collapse. watching News 3!!!


  1. Oh my goodness! That's insane! So sorry to hear you're having to deal with that extra stress. If I still lived there, I SO would boycott channel 3 based on this. Good luck with all this!

  2. wow - that's crazy! i am sorry i missed the news though - i'd love to see your new home! :) :) how horrible that you have to deal with strange media nuts and you're just innocent new owners of his old house! yikes.


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