Thursday, September 20, 2007

House Update

Matt has been working furiously at his two jobs: 1) selling cars at Grand Buick Pontiac, and 2) painting every square inch of our new house (OK, not quite every square inch, but close). All of the ceilings and closets are done as well as three of the four bedrooms (Ella's room = Stem Green, Dylan's room = Gingham Blue, Guest room = Straw Yellow). The master bedroom has been cut it and it will be rolled today by Matt's dad (we're going neutral here...there's a limit to how much color I can handle in one house). Then we "just" have the three bathrooms to go. Most of the carpet in the house has been torn up too.

Matt's dad and brothers Brandon and Chad have been a big help these past few days, coming over after work to help out. Matt has a great job in that they're really flexible about stuff like this. He's been able to leave early a few days this week and take some extra time off (of course it helps that he's straight commission...what do they care if he's not there :))

Hopefully we'll be done with the major projects by this weekend so we can concentrate on moving next week. The "professional" painters start Monday on the main floor and the carpet goes in beginning next Wednesday.

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