Tuesday, September 25, 2007

moving stress

We are moving in four days and the stress is starting to really kick in. The biggest things are that we're waiting for the paint on the main floor and all the carpet to be finished (neither have been started yet...) It's been hard to move too much since at this point there's no where to put it. We've been doing what we can, like the kitchen stuff, garage stuff, and storage room stuff, but there's still a lot here. I have moments where I think we're doing good and moments where I see everything that isn't packed yet and start to freak out. We will have quite a bit of help with the kids on Thursday and Friday, so I'm hoping we can get a lot done (there's the obvious problem of trying to be productive with two little kids under foot...it just doesn't happen!)

In addition to the packing/moving, Matt is finishing up the paint in the bedrooms and bathrooms and switching out all the light fixtures. We both have personalities where we want it all done at once because unfinished things drive us crazy...I think we're going to have to learn how to relax a bit :).

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  1. I'm so sorry about all of the stress right now! Thankfully it will all be over soon! I have been so impressed by how much you two have done already. I mentioned it to Rob because I couldn't believe how much we didn't do (that maybe we should have done) before we moved in! Oh well :) I'm not kidding, we still really want to have you over. Life has been insane for us for the past couple of months and should calm down sometime around November... how does November sound?


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