Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday Night Lights

We have been spending some time watching Hudsonville football on Thursday nights. Matt's little sister, Cara, is a JV cheerleader, and our good friend, Derk, is a coach for the JV football team. The weather has been perfect the last couple of weeks, the company is great, and the Eagles keep winning!

I can't resist posting another picture of these two cuties! Bethany and I were wondering if they might go to some football games together when they're older too :)

Yay cheerleaders! (Cara's the flyer on the far left.)


  1. I see Ella has teeth on top! Yay! Now she can eat a cheeseburger!

    That is a cute little boy there... are they the future homecoming queen and king? Weird to think that our kids might all end up knowing each other someday...

  2. That's true! His birthday is in July so all three (Lucy, Ella and Jalen) could end up in the same grade at Hudsonville (if Jalen moves to Hudsonville...right, Bethany? :))


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