Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Done deal.

We closed on our new house, so we are officially the owners of two homes (for the next week and a half anyway). We also got possession today which was a few days sooner than we thought we would. The old owners are all moved out so they brought the keys to close. We were able to go over there tonight and check everything out. It's been almost two months since we were last in there, so it was nice to see that everything was like we remembered it.

Two observations...

1) The neighbors in the new neighborhood are ridiculously friendly. We pulled up and were almost instantly greeted by the family who live across the street. They were so excited to meet us and chatted away like we were old friends. There were also a lot of kids out playing and Dylan loved running around with them. Most of the kids are older (elementary school aged) but they seemed happy to play with our little guy and thought Ella was cute.

2) You know how when you stay in a hotel and there is always a phone in the bathroom right at the level of the toilet and you think "hmmmm, that's kind of weird?" Apparently I missed this the first four times we were through the house before we bought it, but there is a phone just like that in the master bathroom. Hilarious. I think Matt's really going to enjoy that :)


  1. congrats! i hope the move goes smoothly for you. :) too funny about the bathroom phone. :P

  2. I better not let Ron see this post, he might think he needs to install one next to OUR future toilet!

    I'm really happy for you guys, it must be exciting to finally get the green light to start moving things!


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