Sunday, September 9, 2007


We have spent the last three days working like CRAZY at the new house. My parents had the kids Friday afternoon and Saturday afternoon, so we had to take full advantage of our kid-free time. Things we can now check off the To Do list...

  • Stripped wall paper in dining room (not as bad as anticipated...a big thanks to Katie and Bethany for their help)
  • Started stripping wall paper in half bath
  • Changed locks
  • Cleaned out all the kitchen cupboards as well as the bathroom cupboards (thanks Yesenia and Mom!)
  • Changed most of the hardware from brass (yuck) to brushed nickel (so much better)
  • Started changing interior door knobs (see above)
  • Bought new towel bars, TP holders, etc. for the bathrooms
  • New toilet seats!!
  • Mowed the lawn
  • Brought multiple loads of STUFF over
  • Took down all the curtains and rods to take home and wash...some we might keep and others are getting donated
  • Vacuumed
  • Picked out carpet and linoleum
  • Finalized paint colors
  • Met all the neighbors (and we might even remember all their names, since one of our new neighbors drew us a map with everyone's names, kids' names, kids' ages and phone numbers...I kid you not!)

We are realizing that we want to change more things than we thought we did at first. There's just something about making a house your own. Our next big things are getting the paint and carpet done. We will be very excited to have it all done, so we can relax and enjoy our new home :).

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  1. yikes! that's a lot of work for one weekend. way to go!


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