Saturday, February 4, 2012 {winter survival}

January was whirlwind!

We packed, vacationed, [insert sickness time-out], recoveredcelebrated, ran, {winter}rushed, and prepared for Valentine's Day.

We hit the ground running in February.

Here's what the past week looked like for The Terps:

1. Just like my big brother used to do to me.

2. Spaghetti monster.

3. Movie night = pop-up bowl microwave popcorn. We don't mess around.

4. Girls' night! {Boys are at the auto show}

5. Social networking at its best. I won a copy of Aaron Neiquist's new CD straight from the desk of Lynne Hybels.

6. Ants. Dishwasher. Not cool.

7. McDonald's = Monday night survival.

8. {Family} love mail. Now we're really cooking.

9. Brother/baby sister love. Some strings attached.

10. Craft night snackage.

11. Brain food.

12. Sara's {craft night} leafy take on T's butterfly art.

13. This is what happens when your wife has a Groupon 
and a need to check something off her list.

14. Beautiful beads donated by craft night and MOPS ladies 
for a project supporting women in Guatemala through At Risk No More.

15. Ella's first Valentines, all ready to go.

16. Yaktrax. Praying I never need to actually use them!


  1. Ohh I got yaktrax last year & they work amazingly for those snowy/icy runs! Great buy. Looks like you had a fun week! :)

  2. How sweet, love the photos!

  3. Your craft night snackage looks pretty tasty! :D

  4. oh my goodness your kids are soso cute!

    i just started an instagram link party at my own blog, and i'd love for you to hop on over there and help me get it started by linking up!

    thanks so much and i love your blog!


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