Wednesday, August 17, 2011

hello Year 32

32 new-ish things to do in Year 32

1.      Try a suspension class, spinning and indoor rock climbing
2.      Run with the Mars Hill Runners Group
3.      Improve my 5K (26:39) time
4.      Improve my 10K (58:37) time
5.      Run an outside-the-box race
6.  Run a race longer than a 10K
7.      Buy a swim cap
8.      Learn how to do a flip turn
9.      Re-learn how to dive
10.   Work up the nerve to ride my new bike on an actual road
11.   Complete a sprint tri
12.   Do a flip off a diving board
13.   Upcycle something
14.   Paint something on my own
15.   Host a girls’ craft night
16.   Can something
17.   Make someone a birthday gift
18.   Get rid of 40 bags in 40 days
19.   Complete the 21 Day Organizing Challenge
20.   Christmas shopping: wrapped and done by December one
21.   Date my husband like it’s 1997
22.   Spend gift cards within a month of receiving them
23.   Attend a small town festival
24.   Attend an outdoor concert
25.   Find a way to serve at church
26.   Read through the Bible in 90 days
27.   Create an inspiring home office oasis
28.  Finish reading the Oprah's book club books
29.   Decide whether or not to try to cover my grey hairs
30.   Smile at strangers
31.  Buy a bread maker
32.   Learn to like tomatoes


  1. Absoultely LOVE! My favorite: date you husband like it's 1997....just makes me smile:)

  2. I laughed out loud at that one too! You're braver than I am; I'd never attempt to like tomatoes. :)

  3. I love it! :) Good luck with your list. I may just have to try a few of those things too.

  4. Wow! If I could do 5 of those I'd be happy! lol great list...has me thinking since I turn 32 this year also!

  5. I'm thinking that I LOVE #2 and #6... and may even be able to help you out with them :) Next week Tuesday, 6:00, Mars Hill, be there (and bring the kiddos)! #6... GR 1/2 marathon, October 16th! If I can do it (and was able to talk Rob into it), I'm sure you can too!!!

  6. I didn't see this before but I LOVE the list. Now I'm thinking I need to make one ...maybe on my next bday. That way I have time :)


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