Saturday, February 11, 2012 {life is lovely}

One of my favorite Saturday morning activities: 
sorting through pictures from the past week in my PJ's, 
cup of coffee in my hand. 

I love the theme of this Instagram link-up: Finding the Lovely
Our life is lovely, indeed. 

1. T-14 weeks until race day. Time to get serious.

2. The Bible in 90, I mean 174 + counting, days (but who's keeping track?)
I finally made it to the New Testament!

3. Another maniac Monday (Daddy's day to work late).

4. "You are lucky, you have the best boy ever, Dad." From Dylan.

5. The nap conundrum continues. She really needed one today.

6. Thanks to Pick Your Plum and my trusty hot glue gun, 
I have five new pairs of earrings!

7. Unnaturally happy about this.

8. Breakfast of champions. Play date snackage for the mamas.

9. In progress: DIY chalkboard labels.

10. Back from the flower shop with Daddy.

11. Mommy got flowers too!

12. First elementary school skating party.
She must have fallen every two feet but she refused to give up. 
Love her.

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  1. So happy you linked up - what a lovely week indeed! Enjoy your weekend with your beautiful family~

  2. Great photos! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Heheh I love the note in #4! :P

  4. really enjoy your space here! great shots and captions!

  5. Hi Katie, I nominated you for the Liebster Award over on my blog today! Sharing the bloggy love on Valentine's Day! I just really like your blog and see that it is growing. Just wanted to show my support to you and I had an award to pass along. My compliments are sincere- I really appreciate your blog! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

  6. Love all the photos of your children. So sweet.


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