Monday, August 20, 2012

Project Purge // Week Three

Project Purge
It's the final week of Project Purge! It's garage sale week for us, and we've been busy vacation-ing all over our fine state, so it's time to roll up our sleeves and get down to business.

Here are the final five spaces we'll be tackling together:

11. Technology // Time to tune out the tech. Could you simplify your DVD collection? Perhaps add your CD collection to iTunes? Any old electronics sitting around gathering dust? Tech tip: the VHS tape is not about to make a comeback.

12. Hobbies // Leave your pastimes in the past. Clean out your craft supplies. Pass on past-due project supplies. It’s OK if Pinterest temporarily made you believe you were crafty...let go, move on, and focus your energy on a hobby you really enjoy.

13. Garage // Reclaim your parking space. Has it been awhile since your garage actually housed a car? Do your kids have enough outdoor toys to entertain a small nation? Do you often find yourself tripping to get in the door? Your first impression when you return home should be calm, not chaos.

14. Sports & Games // Get your game face on. It’s OK if you never really liked rollerblading...someone else will be thrilled by your circa 1992 pair of blades. Did your child try {baseball/soccer/snowboarding/tennis} and hate it? Do you get buried in board games everytime you open the closet? Call a timeout and focus your free time on the activities you really dig.

15. Storage Room // Yep, we’re going down there. If it’s been sitting in your storage room for years, how bad do you really need it? Will you ever really repaint that old dresser? Are your holiday decorations dragging you down? Clear a path towards simpler living!

If you missed any of our previous posts, here's a quick recap:

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