Wednesday, August 15, 2012

731 days later...

I can hardly believe it, but we've completed our second trip around the sun, picture blog-style. Last year at this time, we completed our first 365 days in photos. Today, we pass the 731 mark.

I love scrolling through this ever-growing compilation of our family's life together. I love looking back on the milestones we recorded (who needs a baby book?)... the small moments I might have otherwise missed... the pictures I wouldn't ordinarily have taken... and I am deeply grateful. I remember to count our blessings this way, to smile, to remember.

In honor of the capturing another year in pictures, I picked ten of my favorites. Look on for some of the moments, big and small, that were captured these past 366 days.

9.20.11 // Mady's favorite words whenever she sees Daddy: "Up! Up!"

10.3.11 // Sometimes it's no fun to be the baby.

1.29.12 // Love our blue-eyed, yellow-haired, snow-eating little girl!

1.25.11 // After-dinner shenanigans.

4.6.12 // Remember the pure joy of your five-year-old self swinging high?

4.18.12 // Our little slugger. Opening Day 2012.

5.20.12 // Dylan's in heaven - or close to it anyway.

 6.8.12 // School's out for SUMMER!

7.14.12 // Nothing says "pool party" like jazz hands & backward jumps.

8.2.12 // Taking it all in.


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