Saturday, August 25, 2012

Project Purge // Post-Purge Recap!

It's time to wrap up Project Purge! This week was garage sale week for us, and I thought I'd share a few photos (although I did not do a great job snapping pictures in between the hauling, sorting, and selling). To refresh your memory, our garage sale was a fundraiser for several local ministries: The Manasseh Project, Sacred Beginnings, and All is Well Fitness.

I did my very best to grow my purge pile throughout the month of August despite a couple of vacations sprinkled in there. I do frequently go through our family's stuff - including this past spring during a 40 bags in 40 days themed purge - but I am amazed how I can always find a few boxes (in this case about six) to get rid of.

The garage sale was held at my friend Jami's house and I contributed my purge pile plus many piles from other friends around town, filling my minivan to the brim and dropping loads off to Jami's throughout the week. (At one point Dylan was completely wedged into the back seat and had to exit the vehicle by climbing over a couple tables and several boxes...he was polite but I could tell not a big fan.)

On Wednesday, Jami and I worked for several sunny, sweaty, FRANTIC hours unpacking, organizing, and displaying the goods as best and as fast as we could, just in time for the sale to open at 3pm. I signed off around 4:00 and left the sale in good hands for the next couple of days while Jami wheeled and dealed.

One quick fundraiser garage sale-ing tip: we did not price ANYTHING, but instead asked people to make an offer for their new found treasures. I know this makes serious garage saler's cringe, but it paid off in prep time on our part plus most people were generous because the proceeds were going to a good cause.

The sale ran for three days and, while the dust is still settling, Jami and our community of women were able to raise $1,100+ (way past our goal of $500).

Garage sale-ing for justice. 

Garage sale-ing for Jesus. 

Now this is living.


  1. It looks like a great sale! I would have totally shopped it....If I didn't live hours and hours away. I hope that it was a huge success. :)

  2. Wow, I'm so inspired! And, totally wish I could have shopped the sale. Looks like some great stuff :)

    So glad it was a success!!



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