Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Project Purge: Putting a Plan in Place

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Theresa and I shared earlier this week how Project Purge was born. And while we think it's a great idea, we don't want to leave you hanging with only an idea. We want to make sure we're giving you the tools and the encouragement you might need to get serious, roll up your sleeves, and purge, baby, purge.

First things first, we need a plan: 

Why is it time for you to purge?

Now I have cleaned house before, I've decluttered, I've passed on the things we've outgrown. I actually enjoy doing these things so it hasn't seemed too difficult.

My intention this time around is to dig a little (OK, maybe a lot) deeper. I want to ask the hard questions and get a little uncomfortable. I want to really understand what it means to live with less so others can live with more.

My kids (like most American kids) are growing up surrounded by so much stuff: is this the best possible environment in which to raise them? What values am I passing along to them? How much family time do we give up because we're taking care of our stuff? What would it look like to re-orient ourselves around experiences vs. material possessions? Do we really need ALL of this stuff??

Where is the excess going? 

As mentioned in my last post, our excess is going to a friend's garage sale. Other women from our community will also be donating items towards the sale. The money raised at the sale will then benefit a local organization with ties to our church.

You might have an extreme adverse reaction to the term "garage sale" and that's OK. First, I would tell you, do it anyway. It's not really about you anyway, right? Garage sales take a tremendous amount of time and energy and I understand not wanting to take that on. However...if the end result benefits someone else, it might just be worth it to take that leap.

Second, gather some friends. Everything is more fun with friends. Maybe someone else is willing to host the actual sale (there are people out there who are very gifted garage sale hosts) and then you can just drop your items off and help with the logistics.

Lastly, if I really can't convince you to garage sale for Jesus (sorry, I could resist), then pick a worthy organization in your area who accepts donated goods for either their own resale shop or to pass along to others who need them.

If you are taking the garage sale route, here are some great posts to help get you organized: 5 Tips for a Killer Yard Sale, Project Purge: An Organized Garage Sale, and Hosting a More Organized Garage Sale

Who will you be helping?

The organization our garage sale will be benefiting is called The Manasseh ProjectThe Manasseh Project is an outreach ministry of Wedgwood Christian Services dedicated to ending the sexual exploitation of young men and women in West Michigan. Through community education and collaboration, the Manasseh Project provides support for victims of human trafficking and empowers the people of West Michigan to end modern day slavery. 

Through my friend Jami and her ministry All is Well Fitness, our community of women are connected to and committed to helping this (relatively new) local organization. {If you're local and would like to donate goods to the sale, please contact me.}

I'm guessing you don't have to look far to find a worthy organization that could use your support. If you'll be donating your profits towards another great cause, please share, we'd love to hear what you're up to!

will you be purging?

To help you get started, Theresa and I put together a list of 15 spaces that commonly collect garage sale worthy clutter. You can find the basic list below. For the next three weeks, on Monday mornings, we'll share some more detailed thoughts to help guide you through the purging process. We'll share the expanded explanations of the first five spaces on August 6, the next five on August 13, and the last five on August 20.

Here's a quick peak at the spaces. There is also a link to a couple of blank printables if you'd prefer to tailor your list to your specific home and possession purging needs.

Button & printables design credit: Nikki @ LDS Printables.

Check back Friday for some helpful how-to's including a simple purging process and a list of questions to ask yourself as your sort through your stuff. We'll also be hosting a place to link up your purging adventures: share your blog // share your posts, and get acquainted with some other kindred cleaners!


  1. So thankful for your organizational genius.

  2. Good job you guys! It feels sooooo good to get rid of stuff and like you said, our kids have SO much stuff and it should be more about the experience and less about having so many toys!


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