Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Up Next: #SheReadsTruth

I'm rounding the corner towards the final stretch of the Bible in 90 Days (just kidding...it's been precisely 315 days, to date). 

This "little" Year 32 challenge has been a bit more of a marathon than a sprint. It's kept me in the Bible for many hours this past year, but I've been reading it more as a story and to gain an overview and less as a daily devotion.

As part of HelloMornings, I've re-cracked the spine to Jesus Calling, a great way to start each day, but it's also my second time through this particular devotional.

[Quick HM side note: the summer session ended last week and the early mornings were great for my physical, mental and spiritual health. Fall session begins August 20.]

Now I think I'm ready for something new.
Several weeks ago, I kept seeing phrases like Soul Detox and #SheReadsTruth popping up via "friends" on Instagram and Twitter.

I'm a researcher (analytical beaver here) so I poked around a little. The Soul Detox plan is a 35-day plan found on YouVersion and designed to help you identify what's chipping away at your soul, and what's getting in the way of you becoming the person who God created you to be.

A group of women got together a couple of months ago and created the hastag #SheReadsTruth as a means for an on-line community of women to connect as they journeyed through the same scripture on the same day alongside each other {the whole story here}. 

The Soul Detox plan was the first study they used. Living the Surrendered Life was the second.

This Thursday, the #SheReadsTruth community is starting a NEW study {to be announced Thursday morning!}

She Reads Truth provides a Bible reading plan for each day, a weekly truth to memorize (and display), and a community of women to offer encouragement and accountability.

Want to give it a try? 
Follow these steps {via She Reads Truth}: 

1) Download the YouVersion app on your smart phone. Don’t have a smart phone? Create a login via your web browser

2) The new reading plan will be announced early Thursday (7/12) morning. After it's announced, go to the Plans section + search for it. 

3) Stay connected through the She Reads Truth blog or the Twitter or Instagram feeds. If you post regarding the study/community, be sure to tag it with the phrase #SheReadsTruth.

4) Keep a journal. Write down what strikes you. Take a picture. Record your journey. Share what you're learning. Encourage others. Let yourself be encouraged.

5) Read, learn, grow, connect, share, move, journey, see. Each day. Every day. Repeat.

Sound interesting? Doable? Necessary?

Yeah, me too. Hope you'll be joining this new sort of truth-filled community along with me!


  1. So excited that you're reading with us, Katie!!! Blessed by you!

    1. um ps: the treasure free was one of my FAVORITES growing up!!!

  2. Hi there! Just visiting from the SheReadsTruth link up! Lovely blog you have :)

    Would love for you to come link up any of your posts to the weekly Hearts & Homes link party at www.mercyinkblog.com

    have a blessed weekend!
    - lauren


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