Wednesday, November 19, 2008

moving up

I just took the plunge and ordered a toddler bed for Ella. She started a new trick this week of climbing out of her crib. Both times have been when she was in time-out, and it was pretty funny when she just sauntered down the stairs, but I'm afraid she might fall on her head one of these times.

Blogger Buddy Mindy - also known as Photographer Mindy - mentioned this bed before (or one similar - I can't remember if this is the exact same one Lucy has?) and it's from Wal-Mart and only $57 plus it has really great reviews. I just ordered it on-line and they are going to ship it to the store, so in 7-10 days Ella will have a new bed. I'll probably set it up in her room but leave the crib up so she can make the switch gradually if she wants.

I also got the letter today from church saying Ella will be moving up to the two year old room on Sunday's. This also means that she will be moving out of Baby Bay (where I have brought a baby to each week for the past four years!) and into the bigger kid rooms across the main hall. Oh my...I think my babies are growing up!

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  1. yahoo! that is the exact same bed. it does feel very sturdy and you can't beat the price. we had lots of fun "training" lucy to stay in bed.. i'm sure it won't take ella too long to learn to STAY. hopefully, anyway. at least if she gets out it's not a 4 foot drop to the floor...


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