Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ten Reasons Why I Haven't Been Blogging (Much).

1. I'm reading.

2. I'm battling Seasonal Affect Disorder (aka Longest Winter EVER).

3. I'm enjoying the new basement.

4. I'm asleep somewhere. (I can't seem to get enough lately!)

5. I'm focusing on Project 52.

6. I'm blending a green smoothie.

7. I'm watching Downton. (No spoilers! I'm only through Season 2.)

8. I'm doing my best to be present.

9. I'm potty training the littlest Terp.

10. I'm learning how to renew.

This has been a season of slowing down, filling up, doing less, experiencing more, and banishing "should" from my vocabulary. I'm grateful for this time and content to sit in the open space. What's been keeping you busy (or not) lately?


  1. I too, am struggling with winter this year.
    It. Just. Won't. Go. Away.

    I also started watching Downton this winter and am on the last disc of season 2. I don't want it to end so we are watching it sloooowwwwly.

  2. Love the seasons of slowing down and enjoying. That's where we're at too and I know I'm going to dig even deeper into the "slowing down" and being present as soon as baby gets here.

    I hear you on the long winter. When the days are dark and dreary, they really get to me. Praying for sunshine for you!


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