Thursday, March 28, 2013

reflect. {Project 52}

Today I sat around a table on an ordinary sort of could-it-almost-be-spring morning with three dear friends while the sunlight streamed in and toddlers ran through the house.

Lisa had just gifted each of us with one of these lovely mugs featuring our words.

We thought it would be fitting, since we are a quarter of the way into the year, to talk about where we're at, how far we've come, where we'd still like to go.

It was an impromptu, unofficial, informal time to pause and reflect.

We acknowledged it's not about arriving or getting it all right. It's more about awareness, engagement, and grace.

Renew. For me, for this year, for right now...

I'm doing less, and strangely enough, I feel like I'm experiencing more.

I'm slowing down, and I'm enjoying some newfound white space.

I'm setting off on fewer long runs and more long walks.

I'm scaling back, spending less. I'm thinking before I do, before I spend.

I'm breathing more, sleeping more. Sometimes, sometimes, I simply sit.

I'm allowing myself to be inspired. (And learning it's not up to me to do all the inspiring.)

I'm surrounding myself with a safe, authentic community who embraces me just as I am.

I'm blogging less, but I do believe I'm appreciating more.

I'm refusing to carry (graciously, I hope) what's not mine to carry.

I'm not taking myself quite so seriously.

I'm learning what it means to be a one. I'm tossing out my bag of "shoulds".

I'm disconnecting what I do with what I'm worth.

I'm taking time to reflect.

So today, I'm grateful for this morning, for sunshine, for friends gathered around a plate of homemade scones...

Grateful for seasons in life (literally and figuratively). Grateful for spring after a long, dark winter.

Grateful for space. Grateful for grace. Grateful that Sunday's comin'.

Grateful for this word, this year, this moment, this reflection.

Autumn's new baby girl is home from the hospital, and they are all enjoying life as a family of five. 
Look for her new Project 52 posts, coming soon!


  1. What a rich blessing it is to grow together in grace!

  2. Oh they came out so lovely!!! :) and lovely post, as always, appreciate your reflective heart & honesty. and I'll have to connect with you to find out where she had the mugs done... I might need to make some too! too cute!


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