Sunday, February 24, 2013

blur. {Project 52}

Muffins. A box of coffee. 72 eggs.

Boy-filled minivans. Baby dinosaurs. Foam swords.

Snowy boots. Sunshine.

Bleeding toes. Helping hands.

Sleeping babies. New friends.

Pictures falling. Grace explained.

Toddler tea parties. Over-flowing cups. Wet tables.

Plans being made.

Stories told, and retold.

Girly giggles. Belly laughs.

A kitchen filled with cooks. A home filled to the brim.

Debates. Discussions. Physical therapy consults.

Crumbs. Spills. Empty egg cartons in the sink.




It's a bit of a blur, but I do believe we had ourselves some church today.
Autumn is busy with her beautiful new baby girl, but check back soon for her take on Week 8's word, blur.


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