Monday, April 1, 2013

First Quarter {in Review}

Well, here we are three months into the new year. I daresay it's been a bit brutal, but with the sunshine starting to peak through and temps climbing up past 40 (heat wave!), I think we will live to see another spring. Here's a quick glimpse into our first quarter 2013.


We capped off a holiday-season-to-forget with a trip to urgent care. It's all fun and games until someone falls on their head at a Christmas party and goes limp. Thus concludes, Christmas 2013. Better luck next year.

1. I've been trying to run some more, after some time off due to an injury and in terrible Michigan winter conditions. It's been going so-so, but the YakTrax have proven helpful on more than one occasion.

2. A bright spot in our January, our first glimpse of paradise.

3. These pillows make my heart sing. They now reside in Basement-ville.

4. From the look of sheer joy on her face, it appears we may have neglected to take our third child out in the snow often ever. Oops. Good news: she loves it.

Christmas cookie do-over, just in time for a little shin-dig. My favorite sort of friends are the kind who don't bat an eye when you serve them Christmas cookies in January.


When life gives you snowstorms, learn to slide like a penguin. This was the plow pile in our yard from our driveway. See that street light in the background? The snow in our yard has yet to melt completely.

1. Best Friends necklaces. Remember these? I was not prepared for this phase of life to be starting already for our 6 YO.

2. Love me some Church. Sacred moments shared over a long table at a brewery in Rockford on a Friday night.

3. Snow piles! Again, cannot get over the snow piles.

4. Poor Mady, as the last child home with Mama, she has no choice but to run all over town with the ladies, doing who knows what (always very important work, I can assure you).

Oh, this little girl. She fills our hearts to the brim with joy. We decided on this day that if we can't beat Winter, we might as well join it, so we took the big kids ice skating. She fell down more times than I can count, but she was fiercely determined to figure it out without our help. (Love him too.)


Take that, procrastination, perfectionism, and Seasonal Affect Disorder. This is exactly the bit of visual oomph I needed as we wait out the last few days (weeks?) until spring. A few free printables, a $5 canvas from Home Goods, a couple Ikea frames, and we're in business. {Oh, and I received a tweet back from John and Sherry mid-progress!}

1. A date night with my main {little} man.

2. A quick field trip to a favorite local studio. We left with our arms full and our hearts inspired.

3. My idea of heaven on earth: an entire floor filled to the brim with paper goods. (Local peeps; it's happens twice a year!)

4. Bracket business. Ella learns from one of the best.

Here is the very definition of cabin fever. Our Friday night entertainment consisted of cheering on our favorite toddler while she rode laps around the house, cyclecross style (cow bells included).

Winter, it was nice knowing you. Hello, Spring!


  1. Oh my word, a tweet from young house love- it's like you're famous.

  2. I can't believe that we're already a quarter through 2013! January is a perfect time for a trip to the Caribbean. I like to go on vacation during the winter; we don't have the snow but we do have the super short days. I was slightly sad that we didn't get any snow this year, I just wanted one snow day. Hopefully you guys will get a good spring (I've heard stories from my friends getting snow in May while they were at Calvin in GR).

    Those pillows are so bright and cheery for the basement!


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