Tuesday, January 29, 2013

One Word 365: not just a January thing.

One word. 365 days.

Did you choose one this year? I did.

The one word part...that's the easy part. The harder part? The 365 days.

It's a commitment and a challenge to frame your thoughts and actions within the context of your word for one whole year (and hopefully beyond).

This isn't just a January thing. It's a whole year thing.
I'm forgetful. And busy. And a mom, which means I have approximately 2 zillion less brain cells than I did before I was a mom. I need to write things down... lists, notes, reminders, words... otherwise I forget.

One way I'm remembering this year is with a one little word print from the Mercy INK shop. Lauren @ Mercy Ink has created these pretty prints in a convenient digital format with multiple colors included to suit your fancy.

I'm going to frame it and put in on my pretty new desk.
Three of my dearest gal pals also choose words this year {believe, breathe, grow}. I love their words. After all, I love them.

Together we're looking out for each other, rooting for each other, celebrating each other. We're believing for each other, even when we can scarcely believe it ourselves.

So I take back what I said before... I didn't choose just one word this year. I guess I choose four.
Here's to 2013...

to remembering

to community

to words (that are so much more than just words)

and to not going it alone.

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