Thursday, June 28, 2012 {Jumpin' for June}

June kept us jumping!

Here's a quick peak (Instagram-style} at some of the little moments 
that added up to one big month.

Matt's mom always sets the prettiest tables. 
The kids' table gets an A+ for cute!


Pre-K art. Seriously.
Our little blondie amazes us once again.

Oh, how I love a good closet purge
25 items. Out. The. Door.

Berry picking with the kids + a marathon jam-making session.
Moscato + strawberries.
Well, aren't we smart.

A new favorite. Try 'em.

Our adorable lemonade salespeople.
One hot summer afternoon's work and they're $27 richer.

Class lists are posted!
Kindergarten?? It doesn't seem quite right!

A Father's Day foot massage courtesy of his littlest ladies.

Any other Michigander's out there?
Unbelievably excited to see my Michigan Awesome sweatshirt arrive in the mail.
Mitten State Love + American Apparel = TLF.

One of the many reasons why I love my friends & Instagram.
I crawled back into bed one morning and social media hilarity ensued.

A Mommy/Ella Sunday evening date!
Mani's/pedi's + slip n' slide shopping + Mickey D's.

Mady's first sleepover at Aunt Katie's!
What a big girl!

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  1. Love the picture of your kids giving the Father's Day foot massage. It looks like you guys have been having a great June!

  2. Loving all your sweet pics. It seems that June has been a good month for you guys :-) enjoy the ride!

  3. Michigander right here! What part are you from?

  4. I'm from Michigan too. I live in Belleville, which is between Ann Arbor and Detroit, but closer to AA.

  5. I love berry picking and jam making!! The Moscato and strawberries looks delicious! Have a great weekend!


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