Thursday, March 22, 2012

40 bags: week four

It's week four! At this point, my 40 bags daily to-do item has become a natural, even favorite, part of my everyday routine.
I find purging, cleaning, and organizing to be good for the soul.

{And I realize the 40 bags challenge is more about purging than anything else, but I inevitably find myself cleaning the space after it's emptied and organizing what's left post-purge.}

Feel free to call me crazy.

Day 22: main floor toys.
Most of the toys are stored in the kids' rooms because toys on the main floor make Mommy crazy but some of them, especially Mady's, still reside in our living areas. I love nothing more than dumping out all the toy baskets into a giant heap, ditching the junk, putting pieces back together, and returning everything to it's correct place.

Day 23: shoes.
I've been purging shoes along the way, especially during mudroom day and my/Matt's closet day, but I still found a few stragglers. 
Six more pairs out the door.

Day 24: TV cabinets.
We're not big DVD people (and our CD's are all stored on our computer) so there wasn't a ton to sort through here. Love these brown DVD boxes from Ikea for keeping everything in order.

Day 25: our van.
I'm lucky enough to be married to a guy who values a clean vehicle so usually things don't get too bad in this department. I did remove some trash and random trinkets and then I vacuumed and wiped everything down. I found this little caddy in the garage, cleaned it up, and filled it with the random items that are usually just rolling around on the floor. (Thanks again, Pinterest. I owe you big.)

Days 26 & 27: the garage.
I broke this into two days but ended up doing it all in one day 
(it took me an entire morning). I capitalized on this crazy, crazy 80-degrees-in-March-in-Michigan weather and employed an assistant (she does great work and only charges 25 cents).

Garage toys. Sigh. Three kids at three different stages 
(and a hubby who loves to bike) means we have a lot of different modes of transportation housed in our garage. 
Thank goodness for a third stall.

Balls. Sand buckets. Small toys. Oh my.
Big tubs make it easy for little hands to aim, shoot, and hopefully score.

Out with the snowpants (I couldn't quite work up the nerve to put the boots away) and in with the baseball gloves.
Bonus points: I swept the floors and hosed everything down.

Now to see if spring sticks...if it does, we're ready!

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  1. I cant believe how awesomely organized everything is! I love reading these post.. helps me feel like my house is this put together (although its NOT!)

    Make sure you link this up at my Friday party :)

  2. This is very inspiring. Makes me want to start purging (now, to actually DO it!)

    1. I am actually having a lot of fun! Find some friends to help keep you accountable and try to keep most of your days/bags to something you can tackle in less than 30 minutes - it makes it much more doable (or break up the big projects into more than one day).

  3. You inspired me to clean out my junk drawer and laundry room the other day! It felt so good to have them all organized again! I want to conquer the dreaded basement next...blah.

  4. Wow, you did great this week! I need to make one of those organizers for my car - brilliant. And I love your little bench in the garage! I was nervous to put away the boots this week, but I did anyway so if we get snow you can blame me. Sorry! ;)

  5. Okay....maybe I should do this 40 bags thing. :) I started it a while back and quit after about day 3. :) I follow you on Instagram and love looking at your photos. :)

    1. Yes, keep going!! It feels so good to be surrounded by purged spaces!

  6. HI! I totally enjoy your blog;the craft nights and your 40 bags clean out. Just wanted to let you know I am passing on the "Versatile Blogger Award" to you. You can check out my blog for the details.

  7. I decided to start the 40 bags challenge this past weekend. I might shift my schedule around a bit though, after I went through and put the date by each item I realized that some of my bigger challenge rooms got put on Tuesdays & Wednesdays so I need to move them to the weekends.

  8. Keep it up! You are doing a great job . . . I better start this challenge soon in honor of the tradition of Spring cleaning!

  9. I am loving all of the Thirty-One products? I am a Senior Consultant and LOVE,LOVE,LOVE seeing our products used:)

    1. I love thirty-one! I think I might just be one of their best customers!


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