Sunday, March 11, 2012

Craft Night: Make It For 'em March

Gina's felty creations!
We recently finished up another addition of Craft Night. This month's theme was Make It For Them March. We were encouraged by our lovely hostess, KMac, to work on a project for someone else.

Lisa's super cute framed hair clip holder.
Most of us chose our kiddos, and there was a lovely variety of crafting goodness gathered around the table including felt flowers, upcycled bracelets from old ties, a pillowcase dress, reusable snack bags, tissue box beautification, framed hair clip holders, and upcycled headband holders from oatmeal cans.

Bonus: I think this counts as upcycling!
There was also a friend working on a digital vacation scrapbook, someone catching up on her crocheting, a new mama of three getting ready for her kiddos' upcoming birthday parties, and T got a lesson on her new (!) sewing machine (shout out to Cousin Kristin!)

Hard at work and only a teensy bit staged.
I happened to have two empty oatmeal containers (how often does that happen?), and I've had my eye on this tutorial from Plucky Momo for a while. This wasn't my most inspired craft night, but in the end I went home with something functional, pretty, and I daresay upcycled (otherwise known as #13 on my Year 32 list).

For my Ella Bella...
Emilie @ Plucky Momo did a great job outlining a supply list and all the steps in her tutorial (note: this is an easy sort of craft). The only thing I did different was that I Mod Podged the paper to the outside of the can (watch out for bubbles!) because I thought that would give it a little more of a finish and protect it from grimy little hands.

...and my Madelyn Mae.
If you are love with the the satin & tulle puff headpands (like I obviously am), you can find them here {regular} and here {petite}.


  1. This looks like so much fun! I seriously wish I had some crafty girls here that I could do this with. When we lived in Alaska I had some crafty friends and once we even rented a suite at a hotel for a night and crafted the weekend away!! Each of us doing different things, and it was so fun!

  2. OK, I need to make one of these headband holders pronto!!! LOVE this idea. And love the patterns you choose! Thanks for linking up :)


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