Friday, March 9, 2012 {catching up}

A friend posted on Facebook this week that she had no idea what Instagram was and what all the fuss was about. So in case you are still in the dark, Instagram is an iPhone app, and it's a great way to catch every day life.

I don't always have my camera with me, but I usually have my phone. I love capturing the little details of life. I love all things square. And I really love that there are all kinds of filters to choose from that instantly make your camera phone snapshot look super cool. {My username is @katieterp in case you want to follow along in real time.}

I've been busy working through my 40 bags list and my DIY leap list, so I've missed a few weeks of posts. It's been an eventful (for us...everything is relative!) couple of weeks for the Terps.

1. It's tool time.

2. I finally got smart and hung her magnet board on 2-year-old level.

4. Much needed coffee out of my favorite mug - picked out by my yellow-haired girl at Secret Santa's shop this Christmas.

5. We're going through a bit of a Sorry! phase around here.

6. Ella spotted this card while shopping downtown Holland.
Inside: Happy Birthday from Justin Beaver.

7. Another great round of report cards and conferences...

8. ...equals dinner at out, kid's choice.
Can you guess where they chose to go?

9. Grocery shopping with a cart full of girls.

10. The sunshine broke through the clouds, 
and I knew it was my opportunity to get crafty.

11. Dylan's car dealership.
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

12. Always, always a good day when this shows up in my mailbox.

13. Guess what's in the bag?

14. Camera shopping wore this baby out!

15. Now's that's a salad.
{Making peace with salads in the name of cleansing & community.}

16. My first order of Instagrams arrived from PostalPix.
I'm going to scrapbook some and find a way to display the rest.
{I'm thinking something like this}

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  1. Great photos! Love the Justin Beaver. How many people have called him that by accident? The Instagram photos are cool. Wish I had an iPhone!

  2. Your coffee cup is too cute!
    I would love to have you link up at my first ever link party today!

  3. That Introvert article sounds interesting, and I am laughing pretty hard at Justin Beaver! :P

  4. Justin Beaver....Hilarious! I too am expecting my first order from Postal Pix any day now. SOOOOOO excited! Not sure how I'm going to display of if I'll start doing project life or what! On my way to follow you on Instagram. When you see GardenJunkie81 pop up, that's me!! :) Great blog. Found you over at Life Rearranged! :)

  5. food, family, and crafting....does it get much better?

  6. Love your pictures! Make me want an iphone.. so.bad! Love the Justin beaver card.. too funny!

    If you havent already make sure you enter in the week of giveaways I have going on now :)

  7. LOVE instagram!! Such a great way to capture our lives!!

    1. Beth! I tried to follow you on Instagram but it says you have to approve the might want to check under your profile and see if you can approve me. I'd love to see what you're up to :)

  8. Love your photos from this week! That salad looks amazing!

  9. the justin beaver card is awesome! also...i adore your instagram postal pic jealous. great shots by the way.


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