Friday, March 30, 2012 {March marches on}

It's March in Michigan! 
We've enjoyed some 85 degree record-breaking weather...
and now we're back to waking up to frosty mornings.

Besides crafting, purging, running, and retreating
here's what else we've been up to:

We're constantly amazed at what Dylan pulls out of his backpack at the end of the week. His owl art is already framed and this one might find a home on the wall as well.

There may eventually be an entire cleanse-themed post, but I'm still recovering, so we'll see. (But these were really good!)

A perfectly enjoyable Wednesday morning: 
after an AM drop-off for the JBF sale {a mom-to-mom consignment sale}, T & hit up Madcap Coffee followed by a visit to the park with the kids for a truly urban experience.

An item I've been itching to cross of my Year 32 list
improve my 5K time. I ran The Jig, and I was so excited to spot my 24:57 time hanging up in the gym afterwards.
I'm happy to report that I can cross #3 off!

Daddy has learned that if you bring home flowers for one girl, 
you have to bring home flowers for the rest of them too.

After a morning of vigorous, sweat-inducing garage cleaning, Mommy treats the girls to McDonald's for lunch, 
complete with ponies and ketchup drinking.

My longest (distance & time) long run to date: 12 miles. 
The really amazing part was that I felt good the entire time, 
and I ran it (relatively) fast (9:45 minute/mile pace) too!

More art by our favorite 1st grader: mad, happy, sad.

Needtobreathe does Grand Rapids!
I love my husband for taking me out on a Monday night
(and for introducing me to great music in the first place!)

A college-era chicken-themed inside joke comes full circle 13 years later. Who knew there were so many varieties of chickens??

And lastly, my shoe wardrobe is getting an update with the addition of these new kicks (above) and these ones too (in gray flannel).
I'm thinking about adding a pair of Toms to the rotation as well, but I'm having a terrible time deciding which ones. Any suggestions??

See you later, March! Bring it on, April!

life rearranged


  1. Love those march flowers! and your little ones rainbow necklace:)

    Jessie Lynn

  2. Gorgeous flowers! And you have an amazing artist on your hands. :) TOMS - I really want a pair of the crochet ones right now. You can't go wrong with any pair of TOMS though. :) Visiting from InstaFriday.

  3. I found you via Insta-Friday! Looks like you live in GR too!! I have yet to try Mad Cap, but just in the past week, it's been recommended to me many times!!!! Do you work at SH (saw you were in the Irish Jig)?

    I'm totally going to add you to my blog roll! Super fun to find fellow bloggers from the same area! :)

    1. Yes! Grand Rapids! (But not from SH.) I'm going to go look around your blog now :)

  4. That 1st grade art is awesome- the mouse looks very Kevin Henkes. Also, I think you used to drink ketchup. I definitely remember you dipping a french fry, licking it off, and re-dipping. Your fry was more of a reusable scoop than something to eat and be done with.

  5. Dylan has some artistic talent!

  6. Love the chickens... and you too! Would love to get together soon! xoxo Amy


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