Friday, August 12, 2011


It's hard to believe our baby girl is almost two. She's a busy girl these days. Some of her recent feats:

She can now go down the steps. Hallelujah. I think she finally put it together while watching big brother and sister at swim lessons (there was a small set of stairs nearby for her to practice on). Her old method of getting down the stairs consisted of her SCREAMING at the top of them until I came and picked her up. Yeah, that was getting old.

She's getting pretty good with a spoon. She has liked using forks for a while (her preferred set-up: you load up the fork with food, she puts it in her mouth...and repeat...she's much too dainty to use her hands making dinnertime quite the ordeal). Her favorite spoon-fed foods are applesauce, yogurt and cereal with milk. Um-hmmm...we're a bit of a mess these days but that's the price you pay with an independent little girl.

She's an accomplished bed dancer. She starts moving as soon as she hears music whether it's in a store, on the radio or on her big brother's and sister's beds. Mother of three tip: if dancing kids on the bed mean you get some peace and quiet downstairs, just go with it.

She's become quite the daddy's girl. Just about as soon as I wrote this post about her being extra attached to mommy, she flipped a switch and turned into Daddy's little shadow. It's funny to watch her follow Matt around and she gets very jealous when he gives anyone else attention, especially big sister.

  • Almost-two adjectives: independent, mischievous, high-maintenance.
  • Current nicknames: Mady-cakes, Mady-kins, Fuzzy, Fuzzhead, the short one.
  • Current likes: PBS Kids, going outside, swinging at the park, shaking her head no, doggies, writing with crayons.
  • Current dislikes: eating in a restaurant, being told no, anyone but her sitting on Daddy's lap.

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