Sunday, June 26, 2011

A-OK 10K

Crossed another item off my bucket list this past weekend: running a 10K. Six months ago I had never run more than two miles at one time in my life, now I've done six and in a fairly respectable manner (our goal was to finish in under an hour).

I've been working out regularly and running frequently for the past few months but I can't say that I trained very diligently for this race. I did a couple of six mile runs this spring so I knew I could do it but I wasn't sure if it was enough. In the end, it was enough and I'm happy with my 58:37 time. I ran the entire race and pushed myself and I'm very grateful to my dear friend T in her purple shirt who set the pace for us.

Favorite Race Day Memories

Procrastination at its Best: laughing/panicking as we scrambled to register Theresa 45 minutes before the race and come up with $30 using only the contents of her car.

Best Cheerleader: Katie P. - I had no idea she would be there but I've never been happier to see a friendly face halfway through the race and again at the finish line!

Moment We Realized We Are Officially Runners: picking up a cup of water from an aid station (without slowing down), gulping it down, crunching our cups and tossing them to the side of the road. I have never felt more alive ;)

Most Exhilarating Minute: running up the Hall Street hill around the 5K mark. Runners were slowing down and walking all around us and we pressed on. And there's nothing like flying down a hill that you worked so hard to climb up.

Favorite Post-Race Refreshment: most races provide you with Gatorade and maybe some fruit...this one featured burgers and dogs at a post-race party. Who doesn't need a little protein at 10am??

+30 Rocks: the other runners we ran into that I knew were all moms, all over 30 and for some it was their first 10K as well. I love that we're all still moving, still learning...

If you had asked me during the race if I would ever do it again, I would have said no way but now that the dust has settled I think I would up for it. The plan for next year might involve some actual, honest to goodness training as well. For now, we are focused on what's next: trying not to pee our pants while competing in the second annual Grand Rapids Mud Run.

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  1. I love how you captured it all! Everytime I think of the day I just smile. It was a good, monumental day:) Thank you for starting us on this running journey!


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