Saturday, June 4, 2011

{last} t-ball game

Dylan had his last t-ball game of the season this morning. Here is a little glimpse into how we have been spending our weekday evenings and Saturday mornings these past couple of months.

Playing "pitcher". We are always very serious about our t-ball-ing.

[The boys graduated to coach pitch halfway through the season.]

The sisters found a new hangout spot to beat the heat.

Medals: always a bonus.

"Can I have my picture taken with Dylan??" -Ella

Dylan's teammate and buddy Gibson.

Watching t-ball is very entertaining because there is a lot of room for error - great if you're in the stands, not so great if you're one of the coaches. It was fun to watch the teams get better as the season progressed (by game 8 there were even some legitimate outs) and we'll see how many more games on these fields are in our future 
(Ella is quite enamored by the little girl teams with their pony tails and visors...we just might be watching two kids play next year!)

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