Monday, June 27, 2011

punta relaxa

Two weeks ago, Matt and I celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary by spending a week in Punta Cana at an all-inclusive resort. We planned the trip 10 months ago along with our good friends, Derk and Bethany, who also celebrated their ten year anniversary on the same date this year (we obviously didn't know each other when we picked our wedding dates!)

We spent a week doing the closest thing to n-o-t-h-i-n-g that we've done in a long time. We sat by the pool, relaxed on the beach, exercised, read, slept and ate.

Back home, the kids were loved on by so many different people and it was a huge blessing to know how well taken care of they were. They went to the giant slip and slide with Mr. Steve and Ms. Theresa, attended VBS with Uncle Brett and Aunt Kara, stayed five nights at Nana and Pa Jen's house, hung out with Uncle Chad and Aunt K3 the last four nights, and closed out the week with Nana and Papa Terpstra and Aunt Cara.

It was a seven day trip (which ended up being closer to nine nights because of an early flight out and a late flight back in) and it was probably a couple nights longer than we really wanted to be away from the kids. Absence does make the heart grow fonder though, and we were all very happy to see each other when we got home!

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  1. Start saving for another 10 year trip in two years:)


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