Saturday, May 14, 2011

3.1 {year 31}

A year ago I wouldn't have even considered running a 5K, but that was before I started saying yes recklessly and with wild abandon.

My friends and I have a joke about turning 31 - we figure we have to start just going for things or we're going to slip quietly into middle age-dom, start wearing mom jeans, and gain 30 pounds.

We couldn't help but laugh out the window at each other as we met up at Steve and Theresa's to caravan downtown at the rain.

The boys were a little skeptical (we're paying money for this??), the girls were trying to stay upbeat saying "Isn't this great?? We're living life!"

(It should be noted that the boys have an annual tradition of running this race and Derk kindly pointed out - "You know, this isn't the first year they've held this race.")

And beyond just getting out there and running, we are actually starting to do it well. We had a pretty lofty goal of finishing under 26 minutes - we didn't quite do it this morning but we came pretty close (and beat our previous 5K time). 

It was pretty cool to walk on to the street to our starting spot and keep walking forward until we hit the eight minute mile marker and realize there really weren't that many runners in front of us.

Not bad for three moms who started running three months ago.

Take that post-baby bodies.

I know we didn't finish a 10K today or a 25K or any other big running milestone, but I'm proud of us for what we have accomplished.

I'm proud of us for saying yes, for getting our training runs in the last few months, for hitting our pace goals today, and for finishing well (top 25 in our age group!)

Next up: a 10K in June and there is talk of this muddy hilarity to wrap up our summer. (Because why not? We're already in this deep.)

One step at a time. Look at us go.

Not bad for year 31.


  1. Love. This. I am so proud of us!:)

  2. You just made me cry:) so glad we said yes and I'm pretty darn proud of us! Now it's time to buy some skinny jeans!

  3. We are running that same 10K! :)

  4. Get ready, Katie. Running is addicting. I started out like you ladies and now, 3 marathons, 15 halfs and countless other races later, I'm hooked. Congratulations!! Can't wait to see what you're doing for the 3.2 post.

  5. YEAH! Congrats! I'm so happy that you girls are running... and enjoying it!!! We may just have to enter some fun race far away for a girls weekend :)


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