Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Oh, Madelyn Mae. Where to begin?

Our baby, our brown-eyed girl - our baby princess
Little Peanut. Scootcher. Tunky-Tot. Mady Pady.

And I'll admit, sometimes we also call her 
Slime-Knocker, Gooberstein, Fuzz Head, and Stinky Buns.

With this little one, we have made an extra effort from day one to cherish every snuggle, every stage, every milestone - we have held her more than our other babies, let her stay up later than the others, and it is hard for her do much wrong in this house, even as far as Big Brother and Big Sister are concerned. 

In short, we all adore her.

And you wonder how youngest children end up the way they do.

(Note: this is only Year One - 
we will try to instill a little character in her as she grows.)

She loves
her doggy
her mommy
her da-da
her thumb
those two bigger little humans we have running around the house
and a nice, warm bottle at the end of a long day.

She is the perfect ending to the amazing family God has blessed us with: 
she is the tie breaker, the grand finale, the baby.

Oh, how we love her. Happy 1st birthday, Pumpkin.

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  1. This seems silly to say, but I cannot believe she's one already. I remember reading that you had her. Wow!


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