Thursday, November 4, 2010

it's beginning to look a lot like...

...birthday season! It's that time of year again...a warm-up to Christmas...everyone's a year older! (except Mommy)...complete and utter chaos! OK, it's fun too and we get a lot of birthday-ing out of our system in one fell swoop. I know, I know...try not to be jealous that you didn't consider this route when planning your families.

We kicked off the festivities tonight at Matt's parents' house. Mady is the proud new owner of a Bitty Baby (that she laughs very nervously around), Ella has a new princess dress, a play birthday cake, and (wait for it) a Barbie toilet that really flushes (plus Barbie and Kelly), and let's just say that Dylan will be spending his entire day tomorrow trying out his new Nerf gun and target.
It was a great night and just the beginning. I'm very happy to be the Mommy of an almost 6 year old, almost 4 year old, and almost 1 year old (and I think Matt has a birthday in there somewhere too!)


  1. The dessert in front of Dylan looks so good...what is it?

  2. brownies, pudding, cool is really good!

  3. Recipe, please? :)

    P.S. - Happy birthday to everyone this week!

  4. Our baby was due on Abbie's birthday and Nat was worried about how we'd make their shared day special. I told him about you guys:-)
    Congrats on surviving another year!


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