Saturday, November 13, 2010


We call him Little Man but he's not seeming quite so little to us these days. Sometimes I catch him out of the corner of my eye and I see the teenager he's going to be, the grown-up man.

Six years old.

Hard to believe.  

There is something about your first-born, your first baby. He's the one that made us a Mommy and a Daddy. We expect so much out of him - we always comment that if he was the baby of the family we would let so much more slide. But he's our oldest, so we expect a lot...the burden of being the first-born (oldest children grow up to be presidents and astronauts - he'll thank us later). But sometimes it's good to remember that's he still little. Just six.

Dylan is our deep-thinking, 
All boy. 
He loves his Daddy - his best friend. 
Looks after his two little sisters. 
And still has time to give his Mommy hugs when she asks for them. 
He's not perfect, but we know who he is - we can see who God created to him be.

 And those brown eyes. Enough to melt his Mommy's heart, every time.

We love you, Dylan Matthew. 
We are so thankful that you are our first-born, our first baby. 
God has great things planned for you.

photos by Mindy Leigh :)


  1. Yay for Dylan! Hope he has a great great day. -Laurel

  2. Seriously Katie...stopping making me cry! The Ella post was enough...and now this?!?! I can't handle it! :)
    I love your crazies so much!!!

  3. What you said above is true.The little kid is looking like a man with very attractive eyes,cheers. keep it up..

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