Friday, November 12, 2010


Four years ago, we were waiting for Ella - I was induced so we knew she was coming, although we didn't know that she was a she. We knew if we had a baby girl, we would name her Ella but we had no idea what was about to hit us!

From the moment she came crashing into this world (screaming her head off, complicated delivery and all) she has kept us on our toes. I remember Matt coming back to the hospital the next morning after she was born (both of our heads still reeling, "we have a girl"), looking at me and saying, "but I have to give her away" - the next 20+ years flashing before our eyes.

We are four years into it and she is a wonder.

She is spunky, 
funny (in her words: 'larious),
clumsy (in a graceful sort of way),
a little nuts, 
tender-hearted (you should see her with her twins, Sally and Emily), 
tomboy-ish (she has to keep up with big brother), 
and one of the prettiest princesses you will ever meet.

Oh, and have I mentioned her blonde hair and blue eyes??

Happy 4th birthday, Ella Jeanne.
We are so glad God sent you to live in our family.
You are a blessing and a joy.

photos by Mindy Leigh :)


  1. beautifully written!!! we love us some ella jean and wish her the best fourth birthday ever:)

  2. What a wonderful family! Your mom and dad must really be enjoying all their grandkids (almost as adorable as ours :^))


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