Thursday, November 18, 2010

a cupcake for our cupcake

One more birthday post and you won't hear from me regarding cakes, candles, and chaos for another year. 

Our strategy is to celebrate each child's birthday on their actual birthday at home and try to make things as special for them as possible - 
Ella chose ice cream for her treat (she didn't believe she could turn four until she had blown out candles so we stuck her candle in her bowl of ice cream) and Dylan had birthday french toast - Daddy made breakfast for us before he had to leave for work.

These pictures are from the party at my parents' house last Saturday night. The kids love spending time with their cousins and they were very excited for their birthday cupcakes! 
(courtesy of Costco, of course)

Mady experienced her first cupcake and LOVED it. This baby knows how to eat. Before we could finish singing or blow our her candle for her, she was already digging in. She ate, and ate, and ate: two cupcakes total plus the part of Ella's cupcake that she stole when Ella wasn't looking. Sneaky baby.

It's hard to believe she's one already!

The rest of the birthday gang.

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