Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I know everyone posts Halloween pictures this time of year, but some of these are just classic and I had to share. We were in Disney the week before Halloween so I wasn't very prepared this year - I kind of thought in the back of my mind that somehow we would miss the holiday all together and then I realized while we were away that we would be back just in time. We got off the plane in Grand Rapids at 3pm and were ready to trick or treat by 6pm. Luckily, all I had to do was borrow a Superman costume from our friends across the street for Dylan, unpack Ella's princess dress from her suitcase, and dig out a chicken suit for Mady from our costume bin downstairs.
Our little princess.
I asked Dylan to take a picture of Mady and me. He took one, looked proud of himself and said, "I got everything except your eyes and your forehead."
Second try (handed the camera to Matt this time) - Mady really wasn't this happy. She was still exhausted from our trip but she tolerated the chicken suit as long as she was being held.
We introduced the chicken to the bear -
love Ty's calm...Mady...a little dramatic.
Our kids + our favorite neighbors' kids - an adorable bear and Batman.
Take One: the chicken tries to escape.
Take Two: that's a little better.
Happy Halloween everyone!


  1. So cute!
    Do we get to see Disney pics?

  2. There are some photos posted on and also an album on Facebook :)

  3. I couldn't help but laugh out loud at the picture that Dylan took. I could imagine that he was quite proud of himself. I love pictures taken through the eyes of a child!


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