Monday, April 13, 2009


So we're getting new neighbors. Exciting, right? Well, what makes it even more exciting is that our new neighbors also happen to be our very good friends, the Oosting's. There has been a vacant lot across the street from us that has been empty since this neighborhood was first built (about 15 years ago). The lot finally went up for sale about the time we moved into this house, but then that couple decided not to build and it went up for sale again last summer. At that time, Derk and Bethany were looking for a house in Hudsonville and when they didn't find a house they loved, they started to think about building and this lot was perfect for them.

They just sold their house, moved in with her parents last week, and now there are lots of guys across the street taking down trees to make room for their house! Besides getting really great neighbors out of the deal, we also get a front row seat as their house goes up.

It seems like "community" is quite the buzz word these days, and it seems like there is a trend to move back to cities and neighborhoods to try to recreate some of that community that generations before us (the ones with front porches and not back decks) used to enjoy. Community is also something that is talked about a lot in churches, and in our church in particular, and we are excited to have this opportunity to really live it out. We have been in a small group with Derk and Bethany for about 6 years now, and it's one thing to be there for something emotionally or spiritually but an entirely another thing to be able to be there for someone physically - sharing meals, watching kids, helping out on projects.

Both our family and the Oosting's have no plans of leaving these houses anytime soon, so we look forward to many years of watching our kids play together and grow up together. (And I'm pretty sure we're looking forward to our senior citizen days too :) )

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  1. Katie, that's fantastic. I'm happy for all of you and secretly, a little bit jealous. And, how fun for Dylan to see all those big trucks at work! Enjoy!!


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